Due to an issue with email passwords that are easy to crack some of our customers received an email asking them to change their password. If you did receive a message it is a REAL request to change your password and you will NEED to change your password
before December 8, 2012 or you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS YOUR E-MAIL !

Step 1: Go to the website http://webmail.maui.net

To change your password you need to know your existing passsword and open a web browser and go to the website of http://webmail.maui.net and enter in your current username and password. Your username is what is before the "@maui.net" in your e-mail address so for example if your e-mail is johndoe@maui.net, your username is "johndoe". When entering your password, it will apear as dots. Please note that passwords are CaSe SeNsiTivE so be sure you do not have the caps lock on.

Step 2: Switch to "classic" webmail mode.

NOTE: You may already be in "classic" mode in which case please go onto the next step (step 3).

Maui Global Communications Corp has 2 webmail interfaces, a "classic" interface and a "Rich Web Mail" Interface. You may already be in the "classic" interface. If your webmail interface does not look like the screen above, you are to skip to the next step. If you are in the "Rich Web Mail" Interface click on the link that reads "classic" on the top right part of the screen to go to the classic interface.

Step 3: Select "Options" from the left navigation menu

The navigation bar on the left has a "options" button. Click on this button.

Step 4: Select "password" from the list of options

There are several options listed on the preferences page, select "password"

Step 5: Enter in your new password and new password question.

The password reset will ask you for 5 input questions:
1) Enter your Old password: ( this is your current password ) enter it here
2) Choose a new password: enter in a new password HOWEVER the new password MUST follow the following rules:
  • Password MUST contain a lower case AND a UPPER case letter
  • Password MUST contain a number ( 1 2 3 4 56 7 8 9)
  • Password MUST contain one of these symbols: @ ! # % . $ ^ ( ) _ - +
  • Password MUST be over 8 characters long
  • Password MUST NOT contain any spaces
  • Password MUST NOT contain a *
Example good passwords:

Example BAD passwords:
password12234 (Does not contain a UPPER case letter)
!WERTYUI!! (Does not contain a lower case letter)
1Q2w3E4r (Does not contain a symbol letter @ ! # % . $ ^ ( ) _ - + )
Ab!at (is not 8 characters long )

3) Enter in a password question:
This can be ANY question that you would like to use in case you forget your password you must also provide the answer for example :
What is your Mother's Maiden Name? :
What year were you married? :
What is your favorite color? :

Step 6: update the password on your mail client

All mail clients such as Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, iphone, ipads will all detect the first time you open them after you have changed your password, that your password has changed and needs to be updated on your mail client. Most Mail Clients will make this very easy for you by simply prompting you for your new password the first time you open the mail client program This will be a simple input box with your password in it already with dots for the password letters remove all of the dots for your password and simply enter in your new password.

For example, here is what Thunderbird's prompt for a new password will look like:

Some Mail clients such as iphones are a little more involved in changing your password. Below is an example of changing your password using a iphone . 1 The phone will prompt you that the password is not correct and direct you to the settings page Click on "settings" NOT the "OK" button 2> on the settings page locate and change the password again. Remove all the dots that were letters of the old password and type in the new password 3 You will also need to change the password for the outgoing mail server. Select "Primary server: smtp.maui.net" and then locate on that page the password and remove all the dots for this password and enter in the new password.

If you have any other questions about changing your password please feel free to call our tech support at 875-2535 option 5